A globalsocial.pt Strategy Uma Estratégia Global Social para Portugal, a Europa e o Mundo

 - A globalsocial.pt Strategy


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Agenda for Citizens and Organisations

Agenda for Citizens and Organisations - A globalsocial.pt Strategy


On the 19th of May at 19h00 we gather on the Lisbon Youth Centre to connect good ideas, citizens and professionals to empower social, economic and political innovation as if the people and planet mattered. 

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After the conference, each participant will be more aware of the various criteria for reading the major global trends and the possible responses of citizens and organisations at global, european, national, regional and local levels.


18h45 | Check-in


19h15 | Panel 1 | The Economy for the Common Good Model

  • Moderator | Fernanda Freitas | Ex-coordinator of Sociedade Civil TV Show and Manager at Eixo Norte Sul
  • Keynote speaker | Christian Felber | Initiator of Economy for the Common Good Movement - ECG and politics

  • Panelist | Carolina Afonso | Professor at ISEG and Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta - ECG and consumer behaviour
  • Panelist | Helena Freitas | Centre for Functional Ecology Coordinator at University of Coimbra - ECG and ecology


20h30 | Informal dining and networking


21h00 | Panel 2 | The Common Good Balance Sheet

  • Keynote speaker | Joan Ramon Sanchis | ECG Chair Coordinator at University of Valencia - ECG and economics
  • Panelist | Henrique Neto | Ex-candidate for the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic - ECG and management

The BEMCOMUM.net Platform has some stated objectives:

- to think about the economic, social and political consequences of ECG adaptation to Portugal, Europe and the World;

- to create knowledge that inspires innovative policies for organisations and public entities.

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Hosting the ECG DA 2018